Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Scripture Doodles- October

 Finished up the October 2018
 Scripture Doodles 
for the Portals of Prayer devotions.
A visual record of the journey.
A short phrase a day.
4 colored pencils chosen for the month-
that make a tapestry story.
I am using the calendars offered from
 Concordia Publishing House
and cutting them to fit
 my traveler's journal.
What I like in this practice-
 is SEEING what the month
 looks like as it unfolds.
Looking for word or thought patterns.
Seeing a theme.
The greatest blessing?
I have found something that
works for me
in my devotional time.


  1. Oh I really like this!.. I use a Travelers journal also for my planner. Could you explain exactly how you do this and how you use this? I would really love to know. Thank you for sharing this ! :)

    1. I use a printed calendar for the month and divide it into thirds so that it fits the journal----and get the month ready to use ahead of time-- I read the day's devotions and add in a word or phrase that is meaningful to me in the devotion- I use 4 colored pencils per month and a Fine Point Sharpie for the writing


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